LB-WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Ver.1

Next generation car model easy to assemble!

This limited edition was produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Liberty Walk and the 50th birthday of Wataru Kato, the president of Liberty Walk.
It features a sportier design than the first Aventador. The kit was designed with ease of assembly in mind so that anyone can build it, so it is recommended for beginners!

  • Easy and cool!
    Easy to assemble and reproduce with a small number of parts. Over fenders are reproduced as an integral part of the body.
  • Color-coded parts thoroughly!
    Parts are color-coded and molded to look good even when assembled unpainted.
  • Ride height adjustment gimmick!
    Adjustable ride height and camber angle to your preference even after assembly.
  • Full color instruction manual
    Color printed instructions are easier to understand than regular instruction manuals, making it easier for beginners to understand.
  • Beginner-friendly product configuration
    Not only water-transfer decals used for conventional plastic models, but also stickers for beginners are included.
  • price: JPY5,800(tax included: JPY6,380)
  • schedule: Oct./2023
  • scale:1/24
  • Size: approximately 207mm in length

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The image is a prototype painted and assembled for sample purposes. It may differ from the actual product.