LB-WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Ver.1

LB-WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Ver.1

The second version of LB Lamborghini is the long awaited Aventador!
With a completely new mold, it is now possible to easily reproduce the cool and powerful work style.

  • Easy and Cool! Overfenders are reproduced as an integral part of the body.
  • Ideal as a step-up from the Snap Kit series! Although plastic model adhesives are needed, some parts use the same foil stickers as the Snap Kit, making the product easy for beginners.
  • Ride height adjustment gimmick adopted! Ride height and camber angle can be adjusted to your liking even after assembly.
  • Thoroughly color-coded parts! Parts are color-coded to look good even when assembled without painting.
  • price: JPY5,800(tax included: JPY6,380)
  • schedule: Aug./2022
  • scale:1/24

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Images are prototypes. Final products may vary.