1/24 TOYOTA MF10 2000GT '69

Toyota 2000GT Late Model with new mold!

The wheels are made of plated parts, and the tires are the Bridgestone Super Speed Radial-10 tires that were installed on the new car.The beautiful traditional coupe form with long nose and short deck has been faithfully reproduced.

  • Separate chrome parts for window frames and light housings for ease of construction
  • Plated parts for window frames, door knobs, antennas, etc. to tighten up the details.
  • New decals
  • New 15-inch "Super Speed Radial-10" tires are used for the front and rear.
  • Aluminum license plate
  • Detail Up Parts Set (sold separately) is also available
  • Body color: White
  • price: JPY3,600(tax included: JPY3,960)
  • schedule: Nov./2021
  • scale:1/24

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Images are prototypes. Final products may vary.