Demon Slayer 1/7 Shinobu Kocho

Demon Slayer 1/7 Shinobu Kocho

From the anime series "Demon Slayer",Shinobu Kocho added to the line up in scale 1:7.
Her gentle smile and flexible move are the picture of a butterfly. A butterfly on her finger and her haori are replicated in detail.

  • price: JPY15,800
  • schedule: Nov/2020
  • scale:1/7
  • height:about 25cm
  • material:ATBC-PVC・ABS
  • Sculptor: Youhei (Wonderful Works)
  • Paint works:南雲千鶴(大正堂)

With her haori fluttering, she smiles gently and dance like a butterfly in the night.

Butterfly pattern haori is colored in detail. Pearl processing makes it more gorgeous!

Nichirin blade which has a unique handguard is replicated in detail!

Tabi and straw sandal are replicated in detail and design is similar to her haori!

Images are prototypes. Final products may vary.